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Sandycove Acres is the largest adult lifestyle community in Ontario. Moving to a retirement community is one of those lifestyle decisions made in the expectation that our lives will be better for having done so.

Sandycove Acres has been the adult lifestyle community of choice for several thousand mid-age couples and singles. We have a great selection of new renovated and previously owned homes for sale, which would be ideal for anyone considering moving into a retirement community. As you make a decision about moving to a private community, come see why so many have wisely chosen Sandycove Acres!

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What's New at Sandycove...

Here at Sandycove Acres we try to stay current with the times. We have created a blog page to keep you updated on News and Events at Sandycove Acres. We strive to keep the line of communication open between our management and residents so please feel free to make comments on the blog.
SCA Blog
New Homes Now Available

Retirement at Sandycove - 5 Things You'll Want to Know!

Sandycove Acres is known for its active homeowners. When you retire here your life isn't about to slow down, its merely going to take a more enjoyable direction!

your neighbours become family
there is still never enough time in a day
you may retire from work... but not from life
the homeowners are the heart and soul of Sandycove
you will never spend a lonely day with us

WINNER of QUALITY AWARD 2012 from Nottawasaga Futures